Crow Dance

The mystery of Great Langdale wove magic around Nicola and I as we paused for a few days in her mighty folds.

We became familiar with the patterns of nature over those days, the Meadow Pipits that pirouetted by us, Roe Deer woodland adventures, Sparrowhawk dashes and Swallow elegance.

One memory that will stay with me most deeply is of the Crow Dance. Each evening, soon after Venus shone brightly in the twilight the gathering would begin on Oakhowe Crag, far off on the western horizon.

They came from all quarters and danced over the summit until the light failed, rising and falling, spiralling and chasing. Perhaps 50 of them, maybe more. What the purpose of the gathering was I have no idea. Was it prearranged, or did they simply wander by?

For me it will remain a mystery, one more thing that I won't ever understand and life will be all the richer for that.

In the video above I share some words I wrote about the experience. If you'd like to see more of my upcoming short films please do consider adding your email to my growing list and I'll keep in touch. Tell me where to send my dispatches using the button below.

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    • Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Duly noted… I shall continue with these short quirky films, my Northern accent notwithstanding. 🙂

  • Pure poetry. And poetry in motion. Love the combination. Your northern accent is part of the charm and uniqueness, Jason. I appreciate that you spoke slowly and clearly so each word could be understood and savoured. More, please!

    • Thank you for this Melanie, yes I consciously chose to speak more slowly. I think this adds a little more weight to the piece.

  • Beautiful, as always. Your films all have so much mystery to them and this one has even more. With your poetry and your accent it all adds more depth and magic. More please!

    • Caro, thank you. I thought it was time I manned up and added my voice to some of my work, and some of my words. 🙂

  • What a wonderful spectacle to see. I love the fact that it can’t be explained away as it adds magic to the world. I really enjoyed your words too, added another dimension, provoking more thought, so would love to see/hear more

  • Another gem Jason loving your poetry if it’s finding the spot for you please keep the flow…flowing. 🖤💫🦅

  • So you are a poet, Jason, as well as a filmmaker! I think of you and Nicola as pioneers in your field … creating an arrowhead of connection with our pasts and futures, so that many of us can follow on your wake.

    • This is so kind of you to say Liz. I am nervous of using the word ‘poet’ for my ramblings, but if my sharings here help connect more deeply with the world we are lucky enough to inhabit it’s all good. Thank you for such kind words.

  • Wonderful combination of music and words. Where they crows or maybe ravens. Young ravens and non territorial pairs gather in communal roosts throughout the year in trees or on crags.

    • Thank you very much Jennifer. I would very much like them to be Ravens but the truth is they were Crows, Carrion Crows to give them their full name. I’ve never seen a communal roost of Ravens, that’s something for me to watch out for.

  • Thankyou Jason another insightful and passionate observation beautifully filmed . Yes I agree the mystery is half the beauty we don’t have to know everything . Keep them coming it’s the only email I look forward to Opening! Thanks for enriching our lives snd uplifting us . Your commentary is really unique and quite lovely

    • Anita, thank you so much for this. You encourage me hugely. Yes, I’m inspired to continue exploring this aspect of my film making and will create more very soon. I would love to do something like this on a weekly basis as it nurtures me too.

  • Pure magic, Jason, as always ! And you are a poet as well as an outstanding photographer and film maker. Thank you for sharing ! Barbara

  • Brilliant Jason most engaging loved it ❤️ The music and your poetic prose complimented it perfectly 😍 A masterpiece ❤️

  • It is lovely to hear your thoughts about what you are seeing and thinking as you take your photos and videos. It brings a new depth to your beautiful work.

  • Ooh, very atmospheric! Love the dark broodiness, the music and the narrative. Great place, full of very ancient history, way back to Neolithic times, you can feel the energy of many millennia in those hills. Keep making these films Jason🙏xx

    • Thank you Ann. I thrive on the dark broodiness of a place and am content when I can catch and share this. More to come. xx

  • Jason this was wonderfully pure and magical. We are watching the film, but you had all the atmosphere and the Being There and witnessing it. The whole other dimension. You have captured that moment perfectly and given us that extra dimension with your poetry – no one else can put this across because it is your experience, and your words are given as and with the gifts you bring along with your films. I feel honoured to have shared this moment, this crow dance, and I hope you present many more films along with your poetry. Please . . .Always speak your own words. The words and the films and the way of your sharing are the delivery of this gift of your sharing, with us all. Thank You.

    • Thank you for your kind comment Anny, I appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts. Yes, I’ll continue to make films in my way and share them in my own words.

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