Photography as my voice.Parading on the rock strewn landscape above the boggy

I’ve been feeling the call of the wild for some time now.

I thought I’d be here ‘til the day I died.Anglezarke was my

An early morning ramble over the headland of Jack Scout as the

Together we watched the mists clear.We saw the end of summer colours

A distant storm lingers from dark clouds, the living backdrop for Bac

Slowly the spires rose from the Hazel wood, straining to reach the

And the Whales gathered by the side of the oceanA swirl of

A last goodbye as the land turns inwards.She calls and calls,her deathly

Turquoise, sea-green, black beach, swirl path, wild wave, ocean teeth, crawl claim,

A monolithic giant of a massif, Creag Mhor glowered in the evening

Blue light broke through the drizzle as the Otter repeatedly surfaced and