Earthlight Films

My short films have swiftly become a staple part of Earthlight and here you can browse through all the articles that are heavily led by film. Some of these are contemporary, others are more experimental. All are intended to develop a connection with the land and the beings that live within it. The music and soundscape tracks are an integral part of each adding much to the atmosphere, emotion and story of the offering.

This film charts the route of the River Duddon from her source high in the Cumbrian mountains to the Irish Sea at the mouth of Morecambe Bay. The journey and encounters reflect the many meanders and obstacles we may encounter on our own navigation through life.

The Northern Lights filmed from New Biggin Fell. To read the story of the film, and comment please follow this link.

The flatness of the landscape messed with my inspiration. My Muse had fled, apparently, across the vast reedbeds and out of sight beyond a very distant horizon.Yet I had to pull the threads of the Norfolk Broads together regardless. A deadline loomed, an audience for the premiere of my new film was building, a film

We stumbled into a great Starling murmuration display a few days ago however I only had my ageing phone to record it with. So, with apologies for the poor quality, here’s a memory of the event.

High tide is a mere three hours away as I decamp from the van and gather my camera gear together. Will I manage the march in time? Or will I be stranded on the narrow strip of ‘nowhere’ land between my destination and the mainland when the ocean claims back the shingle landscape? Between the

Created at the onset of autumn, just before the Equinox, Wood Wise Wood is a celebration of the woodland in four parts. Each of these chapters stands alone with supporting sparse narrative marking a change in my approach. The film was made in various locations around Silverdale, with the weather playing a huge part.

As the solar cycle approached the zenith of Summer Solstice the meadow glowed yellow, refracting the light of the sun as it arched below the Crag. Warton Mire, now bone dry and going to seed, felt the breathe of a breeze borne on the incoming tide from the coastal flats.Spectral like, Barn Owl quartered the

The mystery of Great Langdale wove magic around Nicola and I as we paused for a few days in her mighty folds.We became familiar with the patterns of nature over those days, the Meadow Pipits that pirouetted by us, Roe Deer woodland adventures, Sparrowhawk dashes and Swallow elegance.One memory that will stay with me most

There aren’t many things more magical that a long wander in the woods and in this short film I celebrate this. Caught in our local woodlands, the film portrays the essence of a day out with trees, from dawn to dusk.

Once again we find ourselves at the close of a year. The dark fingers of night grasp hold of most of each day as the light recedes. This is certainly a time to pause and rest along with much of our natural world. It’s easy to forget just how long the hours of darkness are

Darkness tumbled down the corries, taking the mountains into treacly blackness, but not before one last gasp of colour that blasted from the unseen setting sun.Standing there in the fullness of night I began to lose all sense of myself to the place. An enfolding of shadow-time took me down too, so much so that

Perhaps they were as startled as I was! Standing on the edge of the meadow before sunrise I heard them crashing through the long dry grasses behind me. Within seconds the young buck was on my left, the doe on my right. Just feet away. Regarding me with curiosity they paused before ambling on through