Wood Wise Wood

Created at the onset of autumn, just before the Equinox, Wood Wise Wood is a celebration of the woodland in four parts. Each of these chapters stands alone with supporting sparse narrative marking a change in my approach.

The film was made in various locations around Silverdale, with the weather playing a huge part.

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  • Thank you Jason, this was a beautifully serene, tranquil, captivating and immersive watch and your spoken word breathes even more life and magic to the film. Just lovely! πŸŒ³πŸ’š

  • I loved the film and I loved the words. I can watch – immersing myself in nature as though I was there – but the words take me out of nature into my mind. I can watch or I can listen but I can’t do both at once. This may be just my failure to merge the sensual with the mental leaving me without the full experience of either. I’d like to know how others get on.

    • Thank you for this Gina, I appreciate your comment and will put some thought into this. I will always create some films without narrative, and maybe there’ll be a way for me to do both…

  • Thank you soo much for sharing. It was so peaceful and graceful to watch. I loved it all. I live in the countryside but as yet havent heard the hoot of owls.

    • Thank you Diane. I hope you find your owls soon. Perhaps head to a nearby woodland at dusk and sit in silence for an hour or so. You may then hear the familiar ‘tee wit’ and the accompanying -too who’. They’re soon establishing territories and courting so the late winter early spring weeks should be good.

  • Hi Jason, I so enjoyed the film, a perfect start to the New Year. The images are etherial and thought provoking, and the ‘faces’ in the trees are too innumerable to count! You’re never alone in a wode-land. Your words are so well-crafted and compliment the film perfectly. And the Lancashire accent gives character to the whole production. Don’t deny it! Many thanks. Andy.

    • Thank you Andy, I really appreciate your taking the time to share your kind thoughts here. This is greatly encouraging. I shall never deny my Lancashire accent. πŸ™‚

  • Thank You Jason for these amazing immersive experiences, lovingly crafted, spoken and shared through Nature for us. Healing balm for the soul indeed. Looking forward to sharing more of these journeys brought to us through your skill and kindness.

  • So beautifully done, Jason, with reverence and respect. You captured the movement of nature, it really shows us how to go with the flow. Also, the patterns, shapes and folds that make up it’s unique art are so entrancing. So many faces and beings to be seen in the trees, in part four. I loved it. Thank you.

    • Thank you Barbara, part four was great fun to create. I find the edginess of woodlands in the twilight to be inspirational.

  • Cheers Jason, really enjoyed the film, less narrative works well acting more to trigger my imagination with well chosen words. Very much looking forward to 24 and furthering my connection with the natural world and my creativity.

    • Thank you Robert. Yes, my narrative will always be sparse, a signpost to the imaginal, nothing more. I’m never going to be doing ‘documentary style’ films as others do such a great job of these. If I can inspire a deeper connection with a more meditative, conceptual way of film production I will be happy.

  • Thank you for another beautiful film Jason. I welcome your films especially when my health prevents me from exploring in nature. They take me deep into the places I cannot, or dare not go.

    Your voice is of your homeland, and your words add depth to the film.

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    About the Author Jason

    Jason follows his lifelong vocation as a countryside photographer who tries to catch the spirit of the places he visits. After decades working as a professional editorial photographer he now focuses much of his time on conceptual fine art photography, visual storytelling and in aiding others to follow their creative calling.