In the Wood Pasture with Mary Oliver

Jason // February 26 // 4 Comments

This is the first of my attempts at reading poetic pieces. It may become a regular habit!

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  • I love
    Your poetry reading Jase. Keep it up I always take poems With me on my walks and read them . The other evening I heard the nightingale for first time ever . I recited the whole of keats’s ode off by heart . I was well chuffed . I love learning poems by heart and try to recite on my walks. Loving your films snd descriptions . Your sensitivity snd connection is really comforting and inspiring . . Nature is your friend because you are it’s friend. Btw can I buy any of your photos? If so how?

    • Hi Anita, many thanks for this. I’m so glad you enjoy these readings and well done you on knowing Keat’s ode off by heart! What an achievement!
      Yes, my images can be bought in various forms here on Earthlight. Check out the shop where you’ll find what’s currently available. More will be added in due course.

  • I love to pick up your poetry hopefully at the start of the day, but whenever I listen it’s a moment of calm with nature singing in the background. Thank you, please don’t stop!

    • Thank you so much Kathy. This is encouraging to hear. I’ve paused the Poetic Pauses for the past week or so but will pick it up again now. I have plans to ultimately make this a regular part of my offering here on Earthlight.

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