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Moss Erotica

Discover the hidden realm of the tiny world

"A journey into the heart of nature’s most overlooked marvels, brought to life with a blend of artistic photography, poetic prose and sensuality."

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The story of Moss Erotica

Fourteen years ago Jason began to build a body of work around moss. However this wasn't a traditional exploration of these fascinating simple plants. He was keen to convey the feeling of being moss, of seeing life through their eyes. Working with the questions 'What does moss see, what does moss dream' he spent many wintery days in damp woodlands, moorland bogs and wet meadows trying to get a sense of the life of moss.

Moss Erotica is the result. A groundbreaking photobook that's been described as a journey into another realm where stories wait to unfold into the mind of the reader.

Dotted throughout the book Jason's poetry and prose deepen the tales that the photos tell and, like mossy spores, inspire imaginings and thought-lines as animism takes hold.

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A book of three stanzas

"More an invocation than an explanation, this new photo book gives voice to the small things, the earth beings that many are becoming more aware of, more in awe of. More 'seeing' of moss and her minions.

The pieces within these pages have been fourteen long years in the making. Fourteen years of lying prone in boggy mires, oaky woods and mouldering corners of forgotten lands."

The Beauty of Moss

Steering well away from scientific descriptions, mind blowing facts, Latin names and landscape locations these pages simply shine a light on moss.

It’s a green light, illuminating from elsewhere and delineating the edgeworlds inhabited by these little understood beings.

What Moss sees

Just what does the world look like from down there, just a few millimetres from ground level? 

Stepping a little more into the ‘out there’ realm of animism we turn our attention to the world that moss claims as its own.

What Moss dreams

As moss slumbers, as surely it must, what does it sense in its REM moments? Does moss have a hope that its dreams can become reality too? 

Are the colours different? Does it bring its dreams home as it awakens? Does the world of moss dreams resemble our reality?

Reimagining the book!

When you purchase Moss Erotica you'll get more than just a beautifully crafted hardback illustrated book.

You'll become part of an exclusive group with access to a dedicated web page linked from a qr code in the book and from a personal email.

Occasional updates will grant you free access to a pdf version, short films, image galleries, downloadable computer and device wallpapers and screensavers along with exclusive mossy memorabilia including journals, notebooks and more.

Shadows of the woodland delineate the Birch, rimlit by a golden dusk.

Deep within the dark places overlooked by light, life lingers.

Dark corries of bark, haunt of Woodlouse and Slug, highways of the hidden.

Leaves meld and merge into orb and sphere, mirroring the tangle of stars.

Orbits woven from beeline and pollen drift, signposts of life to come.

A rustle of wind writes a new score, tweaking and testing the way of the wood.

Scribing new runes from light and dark, dance steps in the tango of life.

Watched by the beings we carry in our pockets, those who eat our dreams.

Jason Smalley - Author

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the book?

Moss Erotica is approximately 21cm x 26cm and 104 or so pages. The page count will be confirmed when the pre-order period is over.

When will it be delivered?

Under normal circumstances delivery will be within ten days of ordering unless I'm away.

Where can it be delivered to?

The UK, EU, US and AUS.

Can I buy it from bookshops?

Moss Erotica is not available in bookshops or Amazon. The only way to acquire a copy is direct from me at Earthlight. I don't think this will ever change.

Is Moss Erotica a traditional natural history book?

Not at all! There are plenty of those already available. This is a journey into the realm of moss with imagery, poetry and prose that seeks to immerse the reader in the world of tiny beings.

What is a QR code?

This is a special image much like a barcode that can be read by most smart devices and send you automatically to a webpage. I will be adding the link in an email to all who purchase the book so. you don't need to use the QR code to enjoy the extra benefits.

How will the book be delivered?

Once the books have been received I'll pack them in sturdy packaging and send them on their way via a courier.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me via email here.