Woodwell Yews

Jason // February 8 // 6 Comments

This place shapeshifts every time I visit. Never does it feel the same twice. Today the Yews that reach down with their lethal needles dominated the darkening limestone walls, pouring their emerald greens earthwards.

Nevertheless, the waters tasted sweet and restorative. The rocks hunkered around the edges, strong and powerful in their presence. One megalith in particular caught my attention, tall and proud amongst the emerging trees.

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  • Thank you Jason. The comfort and ease with which you and Nicola have melded so rapidly in your new environment is inspiring. I’m so pleased for you both.

    The lion’s head emerging from this megalith is just stunning. I see and respect these spirits in trees, (not much in the way of stones where I live) but they usually shy away from being photographed, I find. I’m looking forward to following you on this Woodwell project.

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