July 30

Wistman’s Wood


​I've waited many years to step foot in the hallowed, haunted natural cathedral that is Wistman's Wood, and I took my chance on a recent trip to Dartmoor.

I was a long way from my Lancashire hills and preparing for a 24 hour woodland vigil a few miles over the moor when the colours of Wistman's Wood called me. My first visit was late in the evening, long after sundown and I shall keep those memories close. However after a night sleeping on the moors I woke at dawn and was given a handful of images before the sky blued and the shadows bit.

​Stories abound of the supernatural qualities of this ancient revered place and I trod carefully upon the moss draped rocks that hid adders and more from sight. As the sun rose I began to struggle with the bright light which, for me, did not truly depict the sense of deep mystery that I felt the night before.

Twelve images came to me before long but then the wood closed it's cloistered doors to me and I respectfully made my way back to the moor top.

I shall return after rain, in the dull light of day, when the moss and the ferns swell and speak of damp and mist.

There's a short video at the bottom of this post which you may enjoy...

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