The Spirits of Woodwell

Jason // January 16 // 10 Comments

Over the past ten days I've visited Woodwell three times, and I know I'm not finished yet. It seems to be building into a self contained mini project that will appear here on Earthlight properly formed quite soon.

This morning I was drawn to the many faces in the rockface from which the water tumbles. Here's a small selection of what (who?) I found in the limestone and mosses.

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  • Amazing. I have been to Woodwell many times and never seen/noticed these formations. Definitely ‘who’ and not ‘what’. Time I really start to look and see, which I thought I was doing. Thanks for the wake-up call. x

  • I also love these, Jason. I love to take close-up photos of rock, moss & lichen. Thank you for encouraging me by example to continue my own path of nature photography.

    • Thank you Melanie. Yes, you get out there and see what you can find. I find it’s always time well spent even when I don’t catch any decent photos.

  • It sends a little shimmer up my spine to view the faces in the rock. I am wondering if they are Ancestor spirits, perhaps, or guardians of this sacred place. I am sure the waters will hold and carry many healing vibrations.

    • Thank you for your comment Fiona, yes I’m sure there are all kinds of spirits inhabiting that space. On some days it feels like a cathedral, or an old library and I creep around making as little noise as possible. I always feel brighter after spending time there.

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