The Shimmer

Jason // July 4 // 0 Comments

Sometimes the land shimmers and shows us something else. A vision of elsewhere that captivates and enchants in the old way. Leaving an imprint that will outlive our mind and become myth in some other world.

This shimmer, bound in antiquity and old tomes, speaks of this other. A world unlike our own yet intricately shot through it. Perhaps new insights of quantum physics and as yet unnamed theories will go some way to explain. ‘Dark matter? New exotic particles that barely interact with normal matter? Mysterious substances every bit as real and physical as stars and cars.’ To summarise The Guardian.

Surely though mysteries are all the better for remaining mysterious. As we venture deeper into the science of stuff Yugen will keep one step beyond our knowing - a fleeting ephemeral sense of ancient beauty and reverential unknowing. Chaos fractals that have no end.

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About the Author Jason

Jason follows his lifelong vocation as a countryside photographer who tries to catch the spirit of the places he visits. After decades working as a professional editorial photographer he now focuses much of his time on conceptual fine art photography, visual storytelling and in aiding others to follow their creative calling.