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Mossy Meanderings

Meander through the mossy realms!

It was so good to share the event with almost 200 folk and to enjoy an engaging discussion about all things mossy. The film was very well received as was the launch of my first self published photobook 'Moss Erotica'.

This replay page will be available until the 17th of April and you'll find the short film below the replay along with the transcript of the interesting chat.

I've got a very special offer on for anyone who pre-orders the book by the end of the 17th of April and you can find out all about that with the link here.

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Below you will find the transcript from the event and the film 'Mossy Meanderings' which I suggest you watch at full screen and with the sound on.

Check out the discussion below.

Click to read the transcript of the chat

19:00:27 From Gaynor Rogers : Evening all from Kent
19:00:32 From Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth : It's stopped raining here near Bradford, and I can hear you fine!
19:00:32 From Arthur : Hello
19:00:34 From Sue and Anne : Hi from Morecambe
19:00:35 From Julie Julie : Hello Jason and Nicola!
19:00:37 From Carol Sexty : Hello from Carol in Sheffield!
19:00:38 From Julala D : Hi from Normandy
19:00:38 From Mikalia Michelle Kidd : super excited, love moss, love these films 🌱
19:00:38 From Carolyne Fearon : hiya carolyne from beverley
19:00:38 From Pam Butterfield : pam mid wales
19:00:39 From Paula @sambandhahealing : Sound is good
19:00:40 From Carol : Hello from a wet Argyll
19:00:41 From Annkat : Hello from a very windy Sheffield.
19:00:41 From Gill Bradley (Her/Hers/She) : Hi Jason, From Gill Sheffield
19:00:42 From Tracey Roberts : Hi from sunny Somerset
19:00:42 From pam : glad tto be here .cloudy Nuneaton
19:00:43 From Beverly Hamilton : Hi from dismal dartmoor
19:00:44 From Lisa’s iPhone : Hi from
Misty and rainy cumbria
19:00:45 From Lynne Alexander To All Panelists : Hello from Loch Tayside…
19:00:46 From Vivien : good evening from a cold and wingy East Sussex coast
19:00:47 From Julie Julie : Great to be here.
19:00:48 From jill willis : Hi from Leicester! Hearing you clearly
19:00:48 From Annie : hi from Lincolnshire x
19:00:48 From Ian : Its still raining, booo
19:00:48 From Beth P. : Greetings from North Yorkshire
19:00:49 From Liz (Scotland) : Good evening everyone from a very rainy and grey Glasgow :)
19:00:50 From lesley gerrard : Hello from Lesley in Edinburgh
19:00:51 From Robbie Pearson : hi from overcast Bromley
19:00:52 From Claire Houghton : Good evening from North East London!
19:00:53 From Paula @sambandhahealing : Hello from Surrey
19:00:53 From Rosemary GREENOUGH : Hi everyone from Rose in damp Oxfordshire. xxx 😍
19:00:54 From Heidi Cooper : Evening everyone, nice to be here from windy Royston, Herts ☺️
19:00:55 From Sheila c : hi from Isle of Wight
19:00:55 From Rachel H : Warm kent!
19:00:56 From Marcia Nightingale : Helloooo. very excited
19:00:57 From Susan's iPad : Hello from Tiverton Devon
19:00:57 From jayne : Hello from Stoke. It’s finally stopped raining 🙂
19:00:58 From Barbara Clarke : I from Coventry
19:00:59 From Annie from Norfolk : Good evening to you all from a windy Norfolk
19:01:01 From Phil Baird : Brockley village Phil
19:01:01 From martin of grasmere : evening from a wet grasmere
19:01:02 From Kathy Carline : Hi, Kathy from Surrey a wet misty evening
19:01:02 From Catherine Phillipson To All Panelists : Hi from Cottingham
19:01:03 From Amanda Gregory To All Panelists : Hello from North Wiltshire
19:01:04 From Carina : Carina from Essex many blessings
19:01:04 From June Staff : Hello everyone, June in Norfolk UK
19:01:04 From Ann : Hi from Glasgow
19:01:05 From Rachel : Good evening from drizzle Brizzle x
19:01:06 From annek : Hello both, nice to see you XX
19:01:07 From Karen F : hello from Newark on Trent
19:01:07 From deb ash : hi, from Halifax,
19:01:09 From alysonpowell : Good evening from south Wales. Sipping on ginger tea.
19:01:10 From Melanie Windle : hello from Manchester
19:01:11 From davina’s iPad To All Panelists : Hello every one from very wet Dolgellau 😀
19:01:11 From Geoffrey Hulme : Geoff & Chris Rhos on Sea
19:01:13 From Paulina : Hello from Paulina in Rotherham
19:01:15 From Julie Julie : On holiday in mizzly Pickering.
19:01:16 From Red : Hello. I'm in a grey Portsmouth
19:01:19 From Fae's iPad : Evening everyone, looking forward to a wonderful evening x
19:01:20 From Melanie Wells : So excited for this! Greetings from a FINALLY not-raining Standish!
19:01:20 From Jennifer's iPhone To All Panelists : Hi from wet Reading Jenny
19:01:22 From Caroline B : Hi from Dunkeld, Perthshire
19:01:24 From Nadia : Hi from Glossop
19:01:28 From Brandy Pearson : hi from grey Bromley!
19:01:33 From lesley : Hello, had a lovely dry dog walk this evening
19:01:33 From Pam Harris : Hi from Pam and Betty in Soham,,Cambs
19:01:34 From Peter D, Dartmoor, UK : Greetings from now drying Dartmoor
19:01:34 From Peggy Reddington : Hi from Glossop, misty but the birds are singing xx
19:01:36 From Diane Fairhurst-Kirk To All Panelists : Hi from Rod and Diane from a soggy Cumbria
19:01:37 From QUEENIE RICHARD : hello
19:01:38 From Irene Beldon : Hello from a pleasant evening in France
19:01:40 From Lorraine Carter : Hi from Longton, Preston
19:01:43 From Rejane Vannier : hello from Perthshire, grey and wet
19:01:43 From Julie Cobbin : Hello, Julie from Nottingham and I can hear you although your sound is echoing a bit; it doesn't usually. 🙂🌿✨️
19:01:46 From Julie Julie : Lots of moss here!
19:01:46 From Sue Whitehead : Sue from cloudy Chorley
19:01:47 From Helen Travis To All Panelists : Hello to you all, from Helen in York 🙂 xx
19:01:48 From Karen Forshaw : good evening
19:01:50 From Carole Zagrovic To All Panelists : Carole north yorks
19:01:53 From Diane To All Panelists : Hi from rainy isle of Wight
19:01:57 From deb ash : deb, from damp calderdale
19:02:01 From Ursidia : Good evening from Glastonbury!
19:02:01 From Helen Sharpe To All Panelists : Helen from York
19:02:01 From Alison Gaffney To All Panelists : Hello from South London
19:02:04 From Dorothy Robbie : Hi from Dorothy from Forfar in Tayside Scotland - very grey and drizzly or dreich in the Scots tongue
19:02:04 From Claire : Hi from Claire in Norfolk!
19:02:07 From Jacinta : Good evening Both of you and everyone x
19:02:09 From Marcia Nightingale : Murky Milton Keynes but glorious early
19:02:09 From Peter Dillon : Hi from Peter in Leyland
19:02:10 From Sister Patience : Sister Patience (formerly Lorna Smithers) from Penwortham
19:02:11 From Julie Julie : All these moss fans!
19:02:18 From Carole : Carole from Sheffield
19:02:18 From Janice Thompson : Good evening, so excited, sunny Shropshire
19:02:18 From Ali D : Evening from Ali D in Manchester. 💚
19:02:20 From Rowan Western : It must be wet outside ‘cos I can’t see Dartmoor (Devonian joke!). Hello all
19:02:24 From Gill Morgan : Wet Chipping Sodbury Gill
19:02:33 From Diane Fairhurst-Kirk : Rod and Diane
19:02:37 From Julie Julie : Moss magnetism!
19:02:43 From QUEENIE RICHARD : hello Queenie here
19:02:51 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Only just made it - thought I’d registered. Cold and wet in North Staffs!
19:02:58 From Diane Gilbertson To All Panelists : Hi from Diane in the watery Wirral
19:03:00 From claire : Hello from mossy Berkshire! Loves me some moss
19:03:10 From Andy Harrop-Smith : Hi All from a sunny, pleasant but windy North Wales Andy xx
19:03:39 From alexandra wild : Hello from Sheffield
19:03:47 From Ali D : I like a nice bit of discourse.
19:03:51 From Helen W Hills : Hi - Helen here, from BC, Canada
19:03:58 From Fiona Merritt : Hi from damp Heptonstall. I love the magical atmosphere created by mossy ravines - I am sure it is where the fairies live ✨
19:04:06 From davina’s iPad : Hello everyone from a very wet Dolgellau 😀
19:04:17 From Claire’s iPad To All Panelists : Hello from Kent.
19:04:24 From Joyce Carlyle : Hi Joyce from Glasgow Scotland herr
19:04:25 From Sean Turner : hello from Yanwath in Cumbria
19:04:28 From Lynn : How exciting 💜
19:04:29 From Mary Ellen : hi everyone and Fiona x
19:04:37 From Lyndsey Smith : Hi , looking forward to tonight, Lyndsey from Runcorn xx
19:04:40 From Lee Fisher : Hi all, Lee here from Poulton-le-Fylde, UK - Nice to see you both again :P
19:04:40 From Amanda Gregory : Hello from a damp North Wiltshire
19:04:44 From deb : Evening from a wet and wild Cumbria! Perfect moss growing conditions 😊
19:06:58 From Sam Turner : anyone know how I can expand the image to fill my screen - I'm on my phone and it's taking up just a tiny part
19:07:33 From Christine Espinosa : Heool from L
19:07:47 From Miranda : try clicking on the square in the top right hand corner
19:07:52 From Annie : hi Christine
19:08:09 From lesley gerrard : There should be arrows pointing in opposite directions Sam. Click/tap on that.
19:08:09 From Christine Espinosa : Hello from Lincolnshire. Hi Annie.
19:08:17 From Shona : so glad to join you tonight...from Fife in Scotland
19:08:26 From Miranda : Well done Lesley.
19:09:11 From Barbara Clarke : 😂
19:09:13 From Miranda : Nicola...that was truly enlightened.
19:09:18 From Ali D : Sounds like you were lusting after the book more than Nicola. 😁
19:09:40 From Paulina : 😆
19:09:52 From Sam Turner : thanks Lesley but no arrows
19:09:59 From Janice Thompson : Your passion for all creatures is beautiful and inspiring 🙂
19:10:10 From Claire : Was the pond book by John Clegg??
19:10:19 From Lynne Alexander To All Panelists : Go Nicola…reel him in!!! 🐌
19:10:26 From lesley gerrard : Is there a broken up square Sam? Try that
19:10:28 From Sarah Priestley To All Panelists : Are there any benefits to having slugs & snails in one’s garden 🤷‍♀️
19:11:54 From Sam Turner : thanks but no
19:12:20 From Paulina : Google it Sam for your phone
19:12:56 From deb : @sam - trying leaving and come back in?
19:13:04 From Mikalia Michelle Kidd : love Britain temperate rain forest by Guy Shrubsole, lots of mosses and ferns there truly magical 🌱
19:13:26 From Miranda : I think if you touch the image. It will expand or contract on your phone.
19:15:12 From annek : Ah the Braiding Sweetgrass author!
19:15:12 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Just bought the Guy Shrubsole book and have Gathering Moss.
19:16:12 From Mikalia Michelle Kidd : yes have gathering moss too, always been fascinated by ferns
19:16:22 From Philip Williams : Phil Williams Greetings from Shropshire
19:16:44 From Nicola Smalley :
19:18:15 From Sam Turner : fab, can't get the screen size to work in zoom, tried everything, but HD fine :-)
19:18:28 From Norma Corp : nothing does well in tap water including plants
19:19:29 From lesley gerrard : I'm thinking stones may like having a fancy green coat on.
19:19:33 From Annkat : Norma I have a goldfish aged 21 lol that is swimming in tapwater.
19:20:00 From deb : (@sam turner - just a thought Sam but turn your portrait orientation off ( swiping up on phone) and turn phone sideways the image will then fill screen!).
19:20:20 From Rachel H : Yes I use sea moss
19:20:36 From Norma Corp : yes I eat seamoss great for you
19:20:40 From Mikalia Michelle Kidd : yes moss useful in wound healing when made into a compress
19:21:25 From claire : Thank you for the answer!
19:21:52 From Pam Butterfield : I think maybe some mosses were used as dressings for wounds in the wars?
19:22:39 From deb : Sphagnum moss was used in the wars for wounds…
19:23:51 From Julie Cobbin : I should be OK then. 🙂
19:24:35 From Nicola Smalley :
19:34:26 From Sue and Anne : looked like woodwell - amazing as always
19:34:26 From Ali D : That's up there for me, Jason. Wow!
19:34:32 From Fae's iPad : Wow, beautiful 🤩
19:34:34 From Sister Patience : Wow that was magical. Even the slug and slug ooze!
19:34:37 From Kathy (She/her) : A MAY ZING!
19:34:39 From Barbara Clarke : Awesome Jason.
19:34:41 From annek : Stunning Jason
19:34:41 From Beth P. : How lovely!
19:34:42 From Annie : totally hypnotic
19:34:42 From Marcia Nightingale : Ooh I do love tiny things
19:34:44 From alysonpowell : That was beautiful and extraordinary .
19:34:45 From Heidi Cooper : Absolutely beautiful and completely mesmerising!
19:34:47 From Karen Forshaw : loved the location ' damp corners of Lancashire' !
19:34:47 From Janice Thompson : OMG and enchanting and captivating film ,thank you showing us another miniature world x
19:34:48 From Gaynor Rogers : Wow, amazingly beautiful footage, loved it
19:34:49 From Norma Corp : beautiful so well made loved it
19:34:50 From Robbie Pearson : so beautiful!
19:34:51 From Tracey Roberts : mesmerising and very beautiful
19:34:51 From Carolyne Fearon : wow I could have sat for hours watching it. beautiful 😊
19:34:53 From Annkat : fantastic Thankyou.
19:34:54 From Mikalia Michelle Kidd : magical thank you
19:34:56 From Sue Whitehead : What a wonderful little world. Amazing!
19:34:56 From Julie Julie : Wowee!
19:34:56 From davina’s iPad : Wow, that was wonderful, so many magical moments, thank you Jason
19:34:57 From Helen W Hills : Wow, that was magical!!
19:34:57 From Lee Fisher : AMAZING JASON!!!! WOW WOW WOW
19:34:58 From Kathy Carline : The big, tiny world , so brilliant
19:34:58 From Annie from Norfolk : That was beautiful, mesmerising
19:35:01 From Annkat : loved every second
19:35:01 From Shona : it was beautiful...not so keen on the bugs
19:35:02 From Rachel H To All Panelists : Otherworld - ethereal
19:35:03 From Diane Gilbertson To All Panelists : Sooooo beautiful, such detail ❤️
19:35:03 From June Staff : That was beautiful thank you, so lovely to be immersed in nature for a while and to see all of the little creatures we so often overlook x
19:35:03 From Miranda : So magical the dew drops and cobwebs were so awesome.
19:35:03 From alexandra wild : Beautiful. Thank you x
19:35:04 From Lisa’s iPhone : I prefer this sort of film Jason the sound was great
19:35:05 From Rosemary GREENOUGH : Loved it. Just beautiful and relaxing.
19:35:05 From Galaxy A20e : Amazing, beutiful. so peaceful.
19:35:07 From Freda : There is a beauty in looking at these animals enlarged on screen when you would normally dismiss them
19:35:07 From Paula @sambandhahealing : Wow Jason, that was incredible! What a feast for the eyes and senses! Loved it! So magical and so many faces in the moss!
19:35:09 From Norma Corp : very calming
19:35:09 From Diane To All Panelists : enchanting
19:35:10 From Alison Gaffney : Awesome and amazing - what a fascinating world
19:35:11 From Ingrid Naisby To All Panelists : Gorgeous details
19:35:13 From HelenMary : Absolutely beautiful an the soundtrack was beautiful too
19:35:13 From Kath : Wow! That was amazing!
19:35:14 From deb : Serene! Such detail within a timeless world
19:35:15 From QUEENIE RICHARD : magical
19:35:18 From Jacinta : Just what I needed tonight, to just slip into a tiny world of wonder. Thank you Jason x
19:35:19 From claire : That was superb! enthralling, I thoroughly recommend watching the HD!
19:35:19 From Julie Julie : That fly on the pooh!
19:35:19 From Sean Turner : stunning visuals and sound
19:35:21 From Rachel : Beautiful - loved it!
19:35:24 From Peter Dillon : Beautiful and the music perfect. The interference pattern of water with that soundtrack - awesome 🙂
19:35:24 From Carina : Stunning!!
19:35:24 From Nadia Smithers To All Panelists : in switzerland will need to rewatch just caught the end of it!
19:35:25 From Paulina : Incredible - transported to another world a new perspective of life - loved the blackbird song
19:35:30 From Gemma Louise Bevan : Beautiful and mesmerising x
19:35:32 From Arthur : So beautifull and mystical
19:35:33 From Joyce Carlyle : Beautiful loved it
19:35:34 From sue parlby : I loved the smooth gliding slowness - very relaxing!
19:35:35 From Colette : Wonderful film x thank you
19:35:37 From BlueLenovo (Jan Heath) : magical thank you
19:35:39 From Beverly Hamilton : Fabulous thank you
19:35:44 From Pam Harris : Absolutely amazing. What we miss when we walk by!.
19:35:47 From Fiona Merritt : I love the spirals and the sense of unfurling life and all the beautiful shades of green.
19:35:47 From Julie Julie : Very absorbing.
19:35:48 From Caroline B : Magical, thank you.
19:35:50 From Susan's iPad : What an amazing film and loved the music
19:35:52 From Sandy : you take us to another beautiful world - thank you 😊
19:35:54 From Alison Gaffney : Otherworldly and deep
19:35:55 From Paulina : The detail was incredible Jason
19:35:56 From claire : Incredible quality production!
19:35:56 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Beautiful! 💚
19:35:58 From lesley gerrard : Lovely and enjoyed the music
19:35:59 From Linda Lipinski : Thank You ….Beautiful
19:35:59 From Norma Corp : love how it went from patterns in water to sky I loved the snail
19:36:02 From QUEENIE RICHARD : this is such a treat ..Ilove this community
19:36:04 From Kathy (She/her) : loved the music too, just right
19:36:09 From Marcia Nightingale : The fly coming in was incredible
19:36:10 From Julie Julie : Loved the see-through worm too.
19:36:16 From Pam Butterfield : beautiful. I loved Robin Wall kimmerer, but you have brought the message of the moss through again gisually
19:36:21 From Georg To All Panelists : Amazing film, so beautiful
19:36:26 From Susie Fox To All Panelists : It brings us very close to nature which is an amazing gift. And what detail on slug! The tiny eyes of snail! Thank you.
19:36:27 From Norma Corp : the music chosen was so appropriate lovely
19:36:29 From Rowan Western : I adore woodland streams and mossy worlds. Magical worlds
19:36:32 From lesley gerrard : Loved the fly dashing in.
19:36:41 From Alison : Elegant slugs…..who’d have thunk it!❤️
19:36:47 From Norma Corp : what was the fly eating
19:37:00 From Peggy Reddington : So atmospheric. absolutely enthralling, thank you.
19:37:12 From Melanie Wells : Love how the scale markings on slugs look like mermaid scales. They seem related somehow… mermaids and slugs.
19:37:20 From Lyndsey Smith : Wow Fascinating Jason, was wanting more, just amazing to see the unseen what we don't see.
19:37:37 From Gill Bradley (Her/Hers/She) : Thank you for showing the things we can't usually see
19:38:10 From John H To All Panelists : Some women have 4 opsins
19:38:11 From Norma Corp : wow re dragonflies love them
19:38:14 From Mikalia Michelle Kidd : WOW 😲😲😲
19:39:19 From Jo Harthan : Being so close to the woodland creatures it was easy to jump into their tiny bodies and feel how the wings moved, how the heads turned, how the bodies slide through the environment. Just for one moment, I actually was a bluebottle!!!
19:39:20 From Kathy (She/her) : have you seen An immense world by Ed Yong?
19:39:44 From Julie Cobbin : Sorry, I had to look away; they were big and too close to me. 🥺 I'm fine with bugs and I pick up worms and rescue any size spider in the house. The wood, the moss and water were beautiful. 🙂🌿
19:39:58 From Mikalia Michelle Kidd : know a 5g tower went up recently and was a lot of plant , insect death around it
19:39:58 From Amanda Gregory : So sorry but have to go, loved the film and will catch up with the recording. Thank you so much. X
19:40:26 From Pam Butterfield : you were letting the mosses show you what story to tell.
19:40:45 From Paulina : That's interesting Mikalia - imagine the impact it's having on us?
19:40:47 From Lisa’s iPhone : Love the sound
19:40:53 From Sam Turner : a beautiful magic moss world💚
19:40:54 From Miranda : The Sound Track is brilliant.
19:41:08 From Paulina : The detail on the fly was incredible !
19:41:30 From Jo Harthan : have you considered using a 360 or 180 degree camera?
19:41:32 From Miranda : It reminds me of some of Roger Waters Pink Floyds work.
19:41:34 From Lisa’s iPhone : The slug was beautifully shot
19:41:43 From Helen Sharpe To All Panelists : Really drawn in and felt part of that world, so beautiful and peaceful
19:43:34 From Susie Fox : Slug dreams?
19:44:07 From Mikalia Michelle Kidd : such a magical intricate world
19:44:46 From Helen Sharpe To All Panelists : I’ve just bought a macro lens for my phone camera, I hope it works
19:47:25 From claire : Loved the cheeselogs! (that's Berkshire for woodlouse) 😁
19:48:02 From Mikalia Michelle Kidd : been looking at the moses on my rockery with increasing fascination
19:50:09 From Joyce Carlyle : There are missed

There are missed galore around where I live they cover walls and some on the trees
19:50:25 From Robbie Pearson : your great love for what you do shines through your work
19:50:35 From Joyce Carlyle : Should read mosses
19:51:21 From Mikalia Michelle Kidd : fascinated to notice some rocks have a single type of moss and some have multiple types
19:51:50 From Arthur : Sad 😞 poor trees
19:52:13 From Arthur : Yayyyy
19:52:32 From Marcia Nightingale : Mini forest
19:52:49 From Alison Gaffney : How wonderful
19:53:17 From Julie Julie : So moss is the true pioneer, even before birch.
19:53:33 From Jo Harthan : that is beautiful
19:53:41 From lesley gerrard : Magical tree
19:53:46 From deb : I believe moss is a great capturer of CO2 - love this cycle after the fire damage
19:53:59 From Mikalia Michelle Kidd : sycamore tree covered in moss
19:53:59 From Annkat : gorgeous tree like it's dancing
19:54:14 From Michelle : incredible tree...magic
19:54:21 From Julie Cobbin : The trunk of the sycamore looks like a couple dancing. 🙂🌿💚
19:57:25 From Sam Turner : yep lichens are fungi and algae that live together - they are very weird and we don't really understand them!
19:58:13 From Mikalia Michelle Kidd : I take vitamin D from edible moss and litchen
19:58:43 From Helen Sharpe To All Panelists : Sam Turner That might explain why my husband couldn’t get them to grow in his paludarium
19:59:13 From Mikalia Michelle Kidd : gemmae
20:00:18 From Michelle : This is incredible Jason, I had no idea! wow...
20:01:48 From Joyce Carlyle : Moss seems to be imperious to pollution I live on a busy main road and they cover the walls beside the road
20:02:01 From Janice Thompson : This reproductive process is incredible
20:04:23 From Miranda : Brilliant
20:06:36 From annek : Carbon capture too
20:06:48 From Sister Patience : I planted loads of Sphagnum when I worked for the Lancashire Wildlife Trust and sundews too 🙂
20:07:19 From annek : Hello Blue!
20:11:38 From Miranda : Sillica is very healing.
20:13:41 From Lolly Viv : Aha, shapeshifting and translocating!
20:14:05 From Miranda : My Great Aunt got me to gather lots of Spagnum Moss to decorate my Cousins Wedding Tent. It was a lovely task for me.
20:14:56 From Miranda : The Entrance to the Marquee.
20:16:06 From Petra’s iPad To All Panelists : Thank you,very interesting
20:16:06 From lesley gerrard : Fascinating stuff.
20:16:07 From Annkat : So interesting thankyou
20:16:16 From Michelle : I had not heard of that in Germany Jason....fascinating
20:16:19 From Joyce Carlyle : Mossieman is a common German surname
20:16:28 From Barbara Clarke : fascinating Thank you.
20:16:33 From Karen Forshaw : thank you Jason so fascinating !
20:16:38 From Marcia Nightingale : Thank you Jason. Wonderful
20:16:40 From Kathy (She/her) : Sooo interesting. Thank you Jason :)
20:17:00 From Paula @sambandhahealing : So fascinating thank you.
20:17:17 From Rejane Vannier : Thank you, fascinating.
20:17:19 From Mikalia Michelle Kidd : so interesting thank you Jason, Nicola and Blue
20:17:22 From Vivien : Thank you so much
20:17:25 From Jo Harthan : It's a lovely idea to name the moss yourself. Love it :)
20:17:30 From Arthur : This is honestly one of the most eye opening things I have ever seen thank you soo mutch
20:17:34 From John H To All Panelists : Mossily illuminating Thanks Jason
20:17:39 From Janice Thompson : That was mossmerizing 🙂
20:18:05 From BlueLenovo (Jan Heath) : fascinating, always loved moss, my garden is full of it
20:18:27 From Julie Cobbin : Ooh, love the Moss Lady. 😊🌿💚✨️ I used to live on Mosswood Crescent; was born there. A small wood is in the centre of the full circle crescent.
20:18:27 From Lyndsey Smith : So interesting, you are so knowledgeable Jason, amazing hearing all about it, thank you for sharing
20:19:29 From Nadia : Last year I collected moss the birds have dropped on the road outside my house from nearby stones roofs whilst building their nests and used it to cover the soil on pots in my garden which have spring bulbs in. Looks so pretty. This year there is a couple of Tits making a nest in a box on a neighbours nesting box and they are coming in to my garden everyday and picking the moss off my pots. Taking some, dropping some. It makes me smile every day to see them reclaiming their bounty 😊
20:19:52 From Rosemary GREENOUGH : This is fascinating. My garden is full of moss. Sad really, a lot of gardeners seem to want to get rid of it.
20:19:57 From Helen Sharpe To All Panelists : Thank you so much, I learned a lot and it’s a great start for the next chapter in my life, I’m starting a course to become a forest bathing practitioner next week
20:20:06 From Julie Julie : So fascinating, amazing photography.
20:20:30 From Julie Julie : Mosstastic.
20:20:32 From Helen : Moss has been taking over my lawns - and now I’m glad!
20:20:50 From Freyalyn Close-Hainsworth : Such glorious colours - currently knitting a tiny sweater in a moss-coloured handspun yarn, not delibertely
20:20:59 From Beth P. : I've always loved mosses, and this evening has been lovely, thank you.
20:21:15 From Ursidia : So interesting ….and so beautiful!
20:21:39 From annek : Always an inspiration Jason, so glad to see Moss Erotica come to fruition. Your work is a total joy.
20:21:40 From sue parlby : The dead tree earlier looked like it was the sensuous dancing Mossylady emerging …
20:21:56 From Paulina : Absolutely brilliant Jason. So interesting and really stimulating the thinking contemplating of a world that we normally just ignore/don't see … wow another world down there - thank you for bringing this to our attention - sowing the seed - won't see it the same anymore
20:22:02 From claire : The ospreys on the nest I follow love bundles of moss! Apparently they grab it from the trees
20:22:09 From deb : Absolutely fascinating! I love the blend of science , the natural world and underpinning spiritual connections …
20:22:09 From Sam Turner : moss in nests could be antibacterial/anti fungal too
20:22:10 From Paula @sambandhahealing : You’re so talented Jason and so humble.
20:22:11 From Annie : Thank you Jason, that was so interesting, didnt realise there was so much to learn about moss, will look at the moss in the garden in a completely different way now - Amazing
20:22:43 From Lolly Viv : that makes sense Sam!
20:22:44 From Alison Gaffney : Wonderful to see the wide ranging uses of moss in healing - when I was little we made moss gardens - I’d love to create my garden and introduce mosses
20:22:48 From Sue and Anne : Nature is a wonderful ambassador for co=operation
20:23:12 From Paulina : Jason - are they your words/poems?
20:23:45 From Julie Julie : Where there's a will there's a way.
20:23:47 From Lyndsey Smith : Looks beautiful, yes please would love one
20:23:50 From Lindsay Trevarthen : Part of our grass - can’t call it a lawn - has increasingly become full of moss and orchids have started to grow. Last year I planted some fritillaria that have grown and flowered this year.
20:23:52 From Nicola Smalley :
20:24:20 From Alison Gaffney : I’d love a copy
20:24:43 From Nadia To All Panelists : What an absolutely fantastic evening. I have so enjoyed it. I would love the book. Thank you 😊
20:24:49 From Miranda : It looks stunning. Its the sort of Book that the Turner Centre needs to stock.
20:25:25 From Julie Julie : Love the other mossy bits.
20:25:31 From Tracey Roberts : looks wonderful
20:25:33 From Jacinta : WOW! such an interesting evening, Thank You Jason for your love and photography for all things wonderful. Look forward to the book 🥰
20:25:59 From Pam Butterfield : I'm in. yes please.
20:26:28 From Julie Julie : Ooooh!
20:26:35 From Karen : Thanks Jason, it's obviously a wonderful labour of love ❤️. Thanks for bringing this into the world
20:26:40 From Mikalia Michelle Kidd : just bought it 🌱🌱🌱
20:26:48 From Susie Fox : There’s only you Jason would promote a new book with a slug!!!!! Xxxx
20:27:05 From Rosemary GREENOUGH : Thank you Jason & Nicola for a really interesting evening. I will be ordering 2 for me and my sister Sue. 😍
20:27:05 From Carolyne Fearon : I'd love one please, fascinating evening.
20:27:06 From Marcia Nightingale : Ooh just right for my birthday hehehe
20:27:15 From Lee Fisher : I remember when you took the class at that little cottage and you were creating poems there and showing me interesting books to read. I will be ordering a copy of this Jason! Will you sign the book for me? lol Lee
20:27:18 From Beth P. : Pre-ordered :-)
20:27:22 From Julie Julie : Will buy after hol, cos am on silly little pad thing.
20:27:34 From Sam Turner : ordered☺️
20:27:38 From Sue Whitehead : Definitely getting one!
20:27:39 From Lorraine Carter : Wonderful evening thank you! So educational, I will definitely be leaving the moss where it is in my garden now! Will definitely buy the book
20:27:42 From Petra’s iPad To All Panelists : How do we order one please
20:27:47 From Lee Fisher : We did thank you!!
20:27:48 From Barbara Clarke : Ordered
20:27:49 From Lindsay Trevarthen : I’ll be buying one!
20:27:49 From Mikalia Michelle Kidd : bought it
20:27:58 From Gaynor Rogers : ordered x
20:28:17 From Michelle : I would love one Jason... to Germany please x
20:28:21 From Sue Whitehead : Oh I love a signed book too!
20:28:23 From Pam Butterfield : yes please for the email link
20:28:24 From Sister Patience : Love the pics and animistic approach to photography, Just ordered 🙂
20:28:29 From Julie Cobbin : I had a children's encyclopedia when I was 9 and there was a ginger slug in it and I had to remember the page number so I could avoid seeing it. Thank you for telling me that there is only one slug/snail image in the book. 🙂🐌
20:28:43 From Mikalia Michelle Kidd : beautiful coffee table book
20:28:48 From Annie : how do you order the book
20:28:50 From John H To All Panelists : A lovely informative hour and a half. Thanks Jason
20:28:52 From Joyce Carlyle : I'm in I've just bookmarked the link and will order it later or tomorrow
20:29:06 From Annkat : Thankyou very much to you both. xxxxx
20:29:12 From Paulina : I'm in too - thank you Jason
20:29:23 From Annkat : and Blue
20:29:33 From Rosemary GREENOUGH : Hi Blue, glad you made an appearance xxx
20:30:20 From Lolly Viv : Edibility of moss
20:30:32 From davina’s iPad : Wonderful Jason, ordered the book , can’t wait to see it up close 😀
20:30:32 From sue parlby : Fantastic, inspiring evening full of gems - so delighted Jason that you’ve finally found your way to creating your own book and sharing all your amazing knowledge, creative and skills. YES!!!
20:30:33 From Miranda : Really beautiful.
20:30:33 From Mikalia Michelle Kidd : hello Blue 💙
20:30:34 From Alison Gaffney : Yay - just completed my purchase
20:30:38 From Barbara Clarke : Welcome Blue
20:30:48 From Rosemary GREENOUGH : Will order on the link xxx
20:30:50 From Jo Harthan : Thank you Lolly Viv
20:30:56 From Lee Fisher : Ordered! Cant wait to read it
20:30:59 From annek : Ordered, thank you. I have shared the link on my Facebook and my photography FAcebook page too.
20:31:01 From Gaynor Rogers : So enjoyed this evening, thank you so much
20:31:04 From Julie Julie : Awesome! Moss to emerge.
20:31:17 From Sue Whitehead : Thank you for such a wonderful evening
20:31:25 From Mikalia Michelle Kidd : thank you Jason Nicola and Blue
20:31:36 From Helen : Thank you!
20:31:39 From Lolly Viv : Thanks, so interesting!
20:31:42 From Dorothy Robbie : About to order- another world to explore - many thanks for tonight and mosses
20:31:47 From Julie Julie : This has been great, thank you.
20:31:48 From Susan's iPad : Thank you for a wonderful evening
20:31:49 From Alison Gaffney : Great evening 🙏💚🌳🌲
20:31:49 From Anna : Thankyou :)
20:31:52 From Robbie Pearson : thank you
20:31:53 From Rachel : Lovely evening - has made my week x
20:31:55 From Tracey Roberts : Learnt lots and loved the images. A really lovely evening, thank you Jason
20:31:57 From Helen Sharpe To All Panelists : Absolutely loved it and as soon as PayPal starts behaving I will finish my purchase
20:31:57 From Barbara Clarke To All Panelists : Thank you- the time flew
20:32:02 From Paulina : Thank you so much - that was brilliant and got the grey matter pulsing
20:32:02 From Beth P. : It's been brilliant, thank you xx
20:32:03 From Sue and Anne : So interesting - many thanks
20:32:06 From jayne : Thank you, that was so interesting
20:32:07 From Colette : It’s been great thankyou xx )O(
20:32:09 From Liz (Scotland) : Thank you for a lovely evening xx
20:32:10 From Ali D : Thank you. All the best with the book, Jason. 💚
20:32:11 From Beverly Hamilton : Great evening thank you
20:32:11 From alysonpowell : Yes,thank you Jason. Enjoyed it all .
20:32:20 From alexandra wild : Thank you Jason. Its been fascinating !
20:32:22 From Ingrid Naisby To All Panelists : Lovely mossy delights, thankyou
20:32:22 From Clair Szuts : Lovely, thank you ❤️
20:32:23 From Mark Hill : Thanks both, really informative..!
20:32:28 From Carol Sexty : Thankyou so much - really interesting. I will look at moss in a completely different way from now on.
20:32:29 From Lesley Jill To All Panelists : wonderful evening thank you
20:32:31 From Sue Whitehead : Oh I have one of those magnifying glasses!
20:32:34 From Marcia Nightingale : Yes I have one and get lost in the world of moss and lichen for ages
20:32:44 From Eileen Balfour : Gratitude and Blessings for your Wonderful Work 🙏🐌🐌
20:32:48 From Julie Cobbin : Thank you, Jason. It was very interesting. 😊🌿💚
20:32:49 From Peggy Reddington : Thank you for a wonderful presentation, Jason. I have ordered your book, it looks wonderful.
20:32:50 From Peter D, Dartmoor, UK : Thank you Jason - very inspiring!
20:32:53 From Lolly Viv : me too Marcia, whole universe!
20:32:59 From Michelle : Thank you so much, just lovely....missed the first part so will watch on catch up. Love to you both x
20:33:00 From sue parlby : I reckon Robyn Wall Kimmerer would welcome a copy - seriously.
20:33:03 From Christine To All Panelists : 💚
20:33:08 From Paula @sambandhahealing : Thank you, so magical and fascinating.
20:33:11 From Annie A : Amazing evening, loved the talk, fascinating! Excited to get a book. Well done Jason
20:33:12 From Fae's iPad : Wonderful evening, very interesting. Be well everyone
20:33:12 From jill willis : That was lovely, thank you, so interesting!
20:33:14 From Sean Turner : so special. excellent work
20:33:18 From claire : Thank you, that was a brilliant talk and film! The book looks amazing ☺️
20:33:19 From deb : Fabulous! Thank you - ps you can make and buy moss tea 😂
20:33:21 From sue parlby : Just do it!!!
20:33:32 From Marcia Nightingale : Go for it Jason, she would love it
20:33:36 From Julie Julie : If it wasn't for moss, we would never have evolved.
20:33:40 From Dorothy Robbie : Blue a bit dismissive of his chair
20:33:40 From davina’s iPad : Thank you so much , lovely evening spent with you all , inspiring 😀
20:33:44 From sue parlby : Great!
20:33:47 From Fiona Merritt : What an evening celebrating the sumptuous shades of green of moss. So love the starry mosses you photographed.
20:33:48 From Lindsay Trevarthen : You should be able to do it through her publisher
20:33:52 From Carolyne Fearon : I ordered your book and lost you all in the process 🤣🤣
20:33:53 From BlueLenovo (Jan Heath) : Lovely evening, thank you so much.
20:34:01 From Heidi Cooper : Thanks so much Jason, learnt so much from you, really enjoyed the film and will enjoy looking more closely at moss now. 💚 🌿
20:34:13 From Lyndsey Smith : Great evening thank you both so much xx
20:34:14 From Caroline B : Just purchased your book, thank you.
20:34:14 From Lisa’s iPhone To All Panelists : Great eve thanks!😀
20:34:14 From pam : Amazing . Thank you.
20:34:17 From Colette : Thanks so much
20:34:24 From Mikalia Michelle Kidd : ending with Blue purring
20:34:29 From Marcia Nightingale : Thank you so much. Magical moss
20:34:30 From Julie Julie : Thank you!!!
20:34:32 From Nadia To All Panelists : Thank you 🙏
20:34:34 From Ian : Thanks Jason, so good to see you back
20:34:35 From Annie : a really good evening, thank you
20:34:35 From Carolyne Fearon : thank you 🙏
20:34:36 From Miranda : thank you so much
20:34:37 From Peter Dillon : Thank you Jason, wonderful evening
20:34:37 From David Ledger : Thanks Jason, best wishes, David
20:34:43 From Susie Fox : Off to buy the book. Wonderful!
20:34:46 From Julie Julie : Be good Blue.
20:34:47 From Jo Harthan : Thank you - lovely presentation x x
20:34:47 From Alison Gaffney To All Panelists : 🙏❤️
20:34:50 From Pam Butterfield : thank you both
20:34:51 From Lee Fisher : Thank you guys - most interesting. Cheerio!
20:34:52 From Annie from Norfolk : Thank you
20:34:53 From Galaxy A20e : thank you for a lovely insightful evening.


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