The day the moors darkened

Jason // April 9 // 5 Comments

We decided to watch the event from the top of Round Load, an ancient burial mound deep in Anglezarke Moor. As ever we were alone there as the drama began to unfold.

Nine years ago the partial eclipse gave Nicola and I pause for thought as we watched our beloved moors descend into an unearthly, otherworldly twilight. The birds disappeared, Skylarks and Curlews silenced as a strange wild wind cut across the land.

I'd taken two cameras, tripods and we had our phones alongside to catch the transition and as if on cue the clouds parted and gave us glimpses into a scene that our ancestors would have marvelled at. A sky ritual, a festival of darkening, of the moon's power over the luminaries.

This 3 minute film is one of my earliest ones and it shows. Technically it's challenged! But it does convey a little of the atmosphere experienced on the day the moors darkened in a partial eclipse.

As yesterday's total eclipse blessed our planet I was immersed in the cosmic realms that hide in plain sight, preparing for tomorrow evening's Mossy Meanderings event. I hope you can make it, here's the link to register if you haven't already done so.

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  • Thank You so much for this Jason- I remember that day well but have only one far off and seen through thin cloud image of it. Yes the silence that fell and the dimmed light was otherworldly and Iā€™m delighted to have watched this film and will watch again Thank You šŸ™ Thank You

    • You are welcome Anny. I’m glad I decided to make a film of the event. Although it pulled me away from the experience somewhat I do have a great memory of it and am able to share the story as a result.

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