• Dancing Tree in Winter

    This strangely beautiful moss covered sycamore lights up the interior of a dark, dank and possibly abandoned forestry plantation. In this print the setting winter sun streams through the gaps in the conifers to illuminate the verdant green branches and limbs of this leafless winter tree.

    The trunk appears to twist and dance in response to the touch of the light.

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  • Rivington Roe Deer

    After several weeks of silent observation the herd of roe deer began to know me and allowed me to get relatively close as they went about their everyday lives. In this print I share with you a tender moment between a young buck and his favourite doe. He only manages to be close with her when the alpha buck has his back turned so this was a rare opportunity for me indeed!

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  • Silverdale by Starlight

    Taken from a small promontory just a few miles south of Silverdale village centre this print captures the feeling of solace that can be experienced when out in the countryside at night.

    The sun long since set, starlight and the lingerings of dusk pick out the silvers that give the village it’s age-old name.

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