Sanctuary by the Pool

Jason // July 25 // 0 Comments

Sanctuary by the pool.

Haweswater rises from deep underground where the spring seeps dark waters up through the limestone bedrock. It’s one of only two natural freshwater lakes in Lancashire and legend tells of a serpent which haunts the glassy depths.

Occasionally, on still, moonlit nights the beast snakes out of the cold waters and takes a sheep in its coils.

During the daytime however Haweswater plays host to many less treacherous beings. On my visit a Bittern was booming from the reedy boundary as a rusty young Roe buck bounded and bounced ahead of me, flouncing his white behind.

This old fishing hut nestled in the safe clutches of the forest is home to colonies of bats who can be seen marauding for midges and gnats before the serpent awakens from her slumbers.

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