Silverdale by Starlight - Earthlight

Silverdale by Starlight

Taken from a small promontory just a few miles south of Silverdale village centre this print captures the feeling of solace that can be experienced when out in the countryside at night.

The sun long since set, starlight and the lingerings of dusk pick out the silvers that give the village it’s age-old name.



Arriving at my chosen location just before sunset I found my spot, set up my camera on a sturdy tripod and, flask in hand, waited for several hours as darkness fell around me. I could hear the swill of the incoming tide punctuated by chasing oystercatchers and a lone heron as the night overtook me.

This image was caught long after dark, hours after sunset and I hope portrays the feeling of being alone in a wild place with the rest of humanity only a distant memory. As the stars swirl on their cosmic paths and the tide flows landward the owl and the fox begin to roam the landscape.

This print is crafted on the finest watercolour paper with a close texture and mat finish.

This print is hand crafted using the finest materials available. To ensure colour consistency and longevity I use special museum grade paper paired with archival quality pigments. The actual paper is selected to best match the qualities of the print.

Each print is signed on the front by me on the bottom right of the white signature border with the title written on the left using art pencil on mat papers and ink on glossier surfaces.

The print is delivered rolled in a sturdy, large diameter cardboard tube and delivered by courier.

Print Prices

12" x 16", 16" x 20", 20" x 30"

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