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Rivington Roe Deer

After several weeks of silent observation the herd of roe deer began to know me and allowed me to get relatively close as they went about their everyday lives. In this print I share with you a tender moment between a young buck and his favourite doe. He only manages to be close with her when the alpha buck has his back turned so this was a rare opportunity for me indeed!



I spend several weeks acquainting myself with this small herd of roe deer that have established in a woodland not too far from my home. They are only really visible at either end of the day as they retire deep into woodland when the sun is up and the dog walker and hikers are at large.

By wearing the same clothing, adopting the same approach and being very patient I was eventually able to approach close enough to begin to catch images which show the relationships within the herd. This particular image is my favourite as it portrays the sensitivity that exists between these two. If you look closely you’ll see that their tongues are out as they gently lick each other.

I never thought I’d be able to get such an intimate portrait of roe deer and am pleased to offer this print to share the moment with you.

Print Details

This print is hand crafted using the finest materials available. To ensure colour consistency and longevity I use special museum grade paper paired with archival quality pigments. The actual paper is selected to best match the qualities of the print.

Each print is signed on the front by me on the bottom right of the white signature border with the title written on the left using art pencil on mat papers and ink on glossier surfaces.

The print is delivered rolled in a sturdy, large diameter cardboard tube and delivered by courier.

Print Sizes

12" x 16", 16" x 20", 20" x 30"

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