Meadow Fox - Earthlight

Meadow Fox

Every alert to her land the young vixen listens as the Tawny Owl welcomes the dusk and pulls twilight down through the trees. The russet red of her coat shines in final light of the late summer sun as evening approaches, giving her the keys to the night.



As the late summer sun set this young vixen trots through the orchard meadow, alert and watchful as the evening darkens towards night. She has feasted well on ripe red apples and is heading back to her den, maybe to sleep off her dessert. Fox encounters hold their own special magic and this lingering connection is caught in this image as she surveys her homeland, listening to the twilight words of wood pigeon and the awakening owls.

Ever alert, mindful of her surroundings and yet open to opportunities to play she is the pinnacle of wild. This image evokes her spirit and will imbue fox energy into your living space.

This print is hand crafted using the finest materials available. To ensure colour consistency and longevity I use special museum grade paper paired with archival quality pigments. The actual paper is selected to best match the qualities of the print.

Each print is signed on the front by me on the bottom right of the white signature border with the title written on the left using art pencil on mat papers and ink on glossier surfaces.

The print is delivered rolled in a sturdy, large diameter cardboard tube and delivered by courier.

Print Prices

12" x 16", 16" x 20", 20" x 30"

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