Dancing Tree in Winter - Earthlight

Dancing Tree in Winter

This strangely beautiful moss covered sycamore lights up the interior of a dark, dank and possibly abandoned forestry plantation. In this print the setting winter sun streams through the gaps in the conifers to illuminate the verdant green branches and limbs of this leafless winter tree.

The trunk appears to twist and dance in response to the touch of the light.



I stumbled upon this tree by accident a few years ago whilst exploring a forestry plantation for mosses and ferns. The light briefly glanced through the wall of pines and lit her up. However it was only a brief interlude and I had to wait a couple of hours for it to happen again. Not long before sunset the sun once again pierced through and illuminated the imprisoned tree for a few minutes, glowing through the mosses and ferns that adorned the slumbering branches.

I’ve visited the tree often since this moment and never seen this happen again. I’m happy to share the moment with you through this hand crafted print made from the finest watercolour paper with a close texture and mat finish.

This print is hand crafted using the finest materials available. To ensure colour consistency and longevity I use special museum grade paper paired with archival quality pigments. The actual paper is selected to best match the qualities of the print.

Each print is signed on the front by me on the bottom right of the white signature border with the title written on the left using art pencil on mat papers and ink on glossier surfaces.

The print is delivered rolled in a sturdy, large diameter cardboard tube and delivered by courier.

Print Prices

12" x 16", 16" x 20", 20" x 30"

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