Mere Sands Wood Meditation – the making of the film

Jason // March 28 // 3 Comments

It's a wet and quiet day here.

I'm sat in a hide overlooking the mere, watching the comings and goings of the wildfowl. Behind me, around me, the chorus of early spring is resounding through the bare birch trees, overlaid with the constant, rhythmic, entrancing plip plip of rain on the old wooden roof which shelters me.

There's not a lot going on, but that's often the case with nature. Hours of monotony punctuated by short bursts of activity. The egret, a new interloper from the backs of African beasts hunkers down in the steel grey waters, occasionally preening her pristine plumage or watching the mute swan glide by.

A moorhen paddles her way over to the edge of the mere, feet from me and sits for a while, raindrops spangling his sooty back.

Further out in the mere teal and shoveler gyrate and dabble, adding their own patterns the eternal concentric rain circles.

I thought I'd do something a little different today. I've caught it on a video. Maybe at 42 minutes it's far too long to ever be watched right through but, for me, it accurately catches the sense of spending time out with nature on a wet, quiet weekday. 

Solitude and solace seep deeply from the everyday goings on of a local lake. It's over on Youtube where I'm setting up a new Earthlight channel. It's also below. Spend a few moments with me here if you can, and if you want to see more videos consider subscribing to the newly emerged Earthlight Youtube channel. If you're quick you may even be number one!

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  • I just love this Jason…..I can already imagine more…..a bluebell wood in May perhaps…..I have only made a start now because I want to watch this at night before sleepng. I think it will help me to sleep better, sadly something which often now alludes me in my older years. It takes a wee while to get into it, but I adore the rythmn of the raindrops and the sudden thrill of the 2 beautiful swans serenely drifting into view…the Coot there….then gone… the empty space she has vacated …. Beautiful. Thank you. A wonderful idea for people who find non – guided meditation less than easy. I often think when I just sit and gaze at the garden or the sky that this is MY meditation, all I need. ❤

    • Thank you Michelle. A comment you shared a few months ago largely inspired me to give longer, more meditative videos a try. I’m glad you are seeing uses for this and I’ll do my best to bring regular stories of deep nature to you by video here. A bluebell wood in May is a definite! I’ve already got a place in mind. 🙂

  • Ooh lovely! The birdsong… music is needed… in this film, the sound of the birds and the rain on the water is wonderful…this is extra special for me too as my limited mobility prevents me getting to magical places like this for myself….delighted my comment inspired you, how marvellous ☺?

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