May Day Dawn Chorus – the making of the film

Jason // May 1 // 8 Comments

As lockdown drags on spring is marching by. So I thought I'd create a short film that, for me, captures some of the magic out there. Most of the footage is from my archive and what's new is from down the lane.

The blackbird in the image is the one singing, joyfully accompanying my daughter as she performs Moonlight Sonata, that enduring classic that I imagine most know and recognise.

So, if you can't get out to hear the bird song or to immerse in fresh new green beech leaves and wild garlic, I offer you this. Seven minutes and twelve seconds of dawn.

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  • 3 of my most favourite things… Piano music, birdsong and nature. An absolutely beautiful piece to reset and reconnect the mind and soul to the beauty of the outside world in these uncertain times. Thank you

    • Thank you for your lovely thoughts here Barbara. I’m pleased you found it enjoyable. My daughter is such an excellent pianist, and blackbird was a perfect accompaniment!

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