Kingfisher Wanderings

Jason // November 21 // 8 Comments

Despite the dullness of the day I decide to press on with my loose plan of photographing ‘ducks at dawn’, or should that be ‘dull ducks’ or maybe even ‘ducks in the dawn dullness’? My mind played with these word strings as I arrived on the banks of the top lodge of Yarrow Valley Country Park not far from my home. Sure enough they were waiting, perhaps not for me, more likely for bread and I was about to disappoint!

A flash of emerald and topaz stole my gaze as Bird of Wonder deigned to grace me with a flyby, alighting in a droopy willow across the heads of coot on the far side of the lodge. I’ve always wanted to photograph Bird of Wonder so today all other thoughts flowed from my mind down the weir seawards leaving me of single mind. Me – Kingfisher – let’s dance!

I grabbed a quick distant shot and stealthily stalked around the shoreline feeling ever hopeful. However it wasn’t to be and I soon found myself stood by the ditch which was the traditional haunt of Bird of Wonder… along with 2 other forlorn looking men, dazzled by beauty, dazed by bejewellment and standing in line waiting their turn. Thirty minutes passed and still we waited, shoulders hunched against the cold damp, breath hanging in curtains around our lengthy lenses.

A squirrel taunted from the tree above, wren, reed bunting and chaffinch questioned us. It was only when a robin decided to sing ‘at’ me not 3 feet away that I felt the enchantment with gaudiness fall from me and, once more, the radiant everyday blossomed from the early winter murk wood. Still, I know that one day I will again enter the dance with Bird of Wonder and who know’s maybe I’ll come away with it’s likeness.

Perhaps I need to play hard to get!




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  • Wonderful Jason, I can’t imagine how some people get the pictures they do of Kingfishers. I have seen plenty but always in the form of a disappearing flash of irrridescent blue. Magnificent. I particularly like your cascade of leaves hanging on in the autumn light. That’s gorgeous.

    • Thank you Roger. I find them to be eternally elusive, and then they’re gone! Maybe one day, who knows. Thank you for your kind comments, your time to post them is much appreciated.

  • Love the photo of the robin Jason his face seems to be saying well look at me I also here mate!! Also love the autumn leaves. Thanks for sharing u so enjoy Earthlight

    • Thank you Shirley. Yep, that’s just what he’s saying to me! He followed me until I noticed him and posed well! Glad you’re enjoying Earthlight, it’s becoming very important to me.

  • Ah yes……I only once came close……faintly close. I knew it had perched within shooting range and I had my Canon powershot ….but I just could not find it again in the viewfjnder in time to focus!
    These are so lovely Jason, I can never, ever resist a Robin and the Great Tit is a superb capture. My favourite, in fact! Thank you x

    • Thank you Michelle. Kingfishers are surprisingly small aren’t they! And quick. One day maybe, for you too! The ‘common’ birds are often discounted as common but they are personalities too. Thank you for your comment. x

  • As always your pictures are stunning Jason. I love the ducks, they really aren’t dull at all, and those leaves (are they beech?) are wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you Peggy. You’re right there’s nothing dull about ducks and they always brighten the dullest of mornings don’t they! Yes, they’re beech. Well spotted.

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