Jack Scout morning

Jason // January 4 // 0 Comments

This morning I woke to a drizzly day and after watching a charm of twenty plus Goldfinches dance above our garden to a backdrop of crow and starling flightlines I decided to spend a little time on the coast, seeking inspiration for my The Bay project.

The fields near the foot of Scout Crag are flooded right now and were alive with a mixed flock of Lapwings and Curlews sheltering from the wind blown high tide. Greylag Geese snoozed amongst them, twitching nervously as I drove past.

Not being a photo focused trip I took only my phone hence the lower quality of these shots. The sea was as nervous as the geese, crawling back and forth over the limestone at my feet. Jack Scout feels an important spot, central to the bay with an open outlook right into the Irish Sea.

I spent an hour roaming the headland down as far as Jenny Brown's Point and then made my way home witnessing a squabble between a Marsh Harrier and Buzzard along the way. I have a feeling The Bay project will be quite illuminating.

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