The Essays

Somewhat longer pieces, occasionally 'thought tales'. Here I share my opinions, insights and progressions. All of which may change at any time!

November 23, 2022

Nature connection is one of the cornerstones of earth spirituality and is a topic

November 27, 2022

Throughout my life I've been aware of the need to keep nature front and

December 5, 2022

'When you're out there the stories will jump on you and become a cloak

July 14, 2023

Sometimes the land shimmers and shows us something elseA vision of elsewhere that captivates

August 18, 2023

I thought I’d be here ‘til the day I died.Anglezarke was my home, always

September 12, 2023

Photography as my voice.Parading on the rock strewn landscape above the boggy mire I