End of Day

Jason // July 11 // 0 Comments

An end of day visit to the beach where the gods meet me. My first time out in a week, a fleeting visit to sew myself back to the landscape.

A reset, a restart, a renewal of old acquaintances. I know they don’t forget me but I’m ashamed at how quickly I find the comfort of home can replace the fire and synergy of a sharp cold sunset where every blade of mudflat grass cuts to my quick and bleeds out my worries.

How then the stiff, hard breeze rattles my mind until I open to the inflow of light as spectral clouds close in to show the beauty of shadowfall.

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About the Author Jason

Jason follows his lifelong vocation as a countryside photographer who tries to catch the spirit of the places he visits. After decades working as a professional editorial photographer he now focuses much of his time on conceptual fine art photography, visual storytelling and in aiding others to follow their creative calling.