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Taken by rainclouds the dawn drizzled between the ramson leaves and settled on the soft earth beneath.

Roe deer slots knitted a path through the scented air, weaving their morning way around limestone bluffs and ivy clad oaks.

This, the most special woodland in the world, was awakening to spring. Textures dressed the floor, fresh new leaves curtained the rooms and deer barked their raw bellows from the echo-lands over the rise.

Gentle rain washed the landscape, sparkling the gossamer webs strung with hope by hungry spiders.

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  • Absolutely love this work Jason…the soft , tinted colour ….would love to know how to achieve this look, ?

    • Thank you Michelle. The colour styling is achieved using a particular kind of desaturation which I’ve developed. I’ll be sharing the details of it fully very soon, probably via my Call of The Muse venture. 🙂

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