Building a relationship with place

Jason // May 12 // 14 Comments

This place is new to us. Despite having visited almost every month for the past 40 years or so I'm discovering new corners, nooks and crannies around the Silverdale and Arnside AONB. Since our move Nicola and I have been finding our place and I've been searching for my own 'sit spot' which I can visit often and build relationship with.

And I've found this on Hutton Roof, a limestone fell that plays host to a myriad of beings. An exploratory visit led to a couple of interesting photos and set in motion my intention to create a body of work specific to The Roof although I'm not yet sure what this will look like.

Returning last night, I spent an hour in this quiet, lush place, seeing if I am welcomed here by the spirits of the place and so far all feels good. Ravens cronked overhead, Crows cawed, Roe Deer barked and a particularly curious Robin shadowed me. It felt inviting, as did the beautiful sunset that washed the land in gold as I picked my way back down the hill.

I am sure that Hutton Roof has many tales to share and I'll endeavour to gather them and share them on Earthlight as the spring turns to summer. There might even be a film to come! For now, I'm creating Artist's Proofs of a particular shot that has caught me and 10 copies will be available soon. If you'd like to know when it's available just add your email below.

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  • Loving hearing about your journey, learning loads, most of which I already new in my being if you get my drift, I’ll get some photos of my special place we’re I wild camp, just with my dog sometimes, sometimes with others

  • Good to hear you are settling into your new homeland and have found a special place. The video and photos are beautiful and truly have a gift.

  • A big challenge for you Jason moving from your deep ancestral roots. I wonder what the spirits have to tell you at Hutton Roof. Whatever it is I am sure it must be pretty special. Much love to you and Nicola. X

    • It was a big decision Jessie, but the right one. I hope to find out about my connection soon and will share. Much love to you. x

  • What a beautiful and very ancient place Jason.
    You can feel the spirit
    oozing out of the landscapes.
    Once again, thankyou for sharing its intimacy.

  • I see a sleeping dragon in your picture of Hutton roof, and also several spirit beings in your 2 pictures of artists roof , the eyes are everywhere and a goatman head too. it’s filled with magical beings, maybe the dragon is waiting to be woken

  • Somehow I am drawn to the mystery over the Cumbrian mountains (where I was born), with sun on the water, river flowing to the sea……beyond the tangled edge of rock, roots, branches and moss. Thanks for “aiding others to follow their creative calling” 🏞🦋🙏

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