Blue Light

Jason // August 4 // 0 Comments

Blue light broke through the drizzle as the Otter repeatedly surfaced and submerged in Loch Scridain. Cormorants, the winged hunters of the loch surveyed the scene from newly revealed rocks, uncovered from the depths by the receding tide on this still, wet dawn.

Sleeking her nut brown hide she powered her way through the crystalline depths in search of the next mouthful and the next.

Sharp canines caught the morning light as yet another creature became a morsel, playfully grasped between sharp claws and hungry maw.

Circling the seaweed strewn shoreline she took one last dive and, taunting me, disappeared.

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About the Author Jason

Jason follows his lifelong vocation as a countryside photographer who tries to catch the spirit of the places he visits. After decades working as a professional editorial photographer he now focuses much of his time on conceptual fine art photography, visual storytelling and in aiding others to follow their creative calling.