Because of Rain

Jason // May 14 // 0 Comments

Out and about in the rain this morning with the old Nat King Cole song, Because of Rain, earworming me, I’m finding so much more on this short amble through the footpaths of Silverdale’s edges. The beech leaves are more vibrant than usual, their usual spring softness illuminated by a tender, wet light. Yew trunks glower darkly from the limestone, acknowledging their venom with a kind of atmospheric warning. The equivalent of black and yellow stripes perhaps.

A steady flow of raindrops etch a painterly scene here and there, adding texture to shadowy corners and glistening highlights to foliage. With the song playing on repeat in my head, well one line at least ‘because of rain we stole a kiss or two’, I muse on the thoughts of nature as lover, confidante and friend.

Rain draws out the numinous aromas around me with the Hawthorn blossom and her well known scent of sensuality coming to the fore. Could this have planted the words in my head? Does the heady smell of flower sex trigger some primal urge, flick a switch of desire? Not that I’m feeling particularly rampant, but that song… where did that particular line emerge from?

Wandering through these woods I feel quite blessed. Welcomed by the land, gifted a brace of photos, serenaded by a spring shower and somewhat seduced by Mother Nature herself.

But perhaps I need to stop overthinking, maybe it’s all a fanciful whimsey. Maybe it’s just ‘because of rain’…

Ramsons star the wood
Reflecting last night’s sky
Earth astrology

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