Bac Mhor

Jason // August 10 // 2 Comments

A distant storm lingers from dark clouds, the living backdrop for Bac Mor. Advancing with the march of a fox through woodland the rain shrouds pelt the golden ocean, turning it to obsidian, and back again.

Precious metal thought-lines singing across the cosmic divide, willing a world that we cannot yet see.

Grey and gold, the colours that carry the aroma of what has been, meld and splice the past to the future. Tales, long forgotten, twist their gnarly path deep into the sighing sands.

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    About the Author Jason

    Jason follows his lifelong vocation as a countryside photographer who tries to catch the spirit of the places he visits. After decades working as a professional editorial photographer he now focuses much of his time on conceptual fine art photography, visual storytelling and in aiding others to follow their creative calling.