A Wander to Woodwell

Jason // January 6 // 16 Comments

Finally I made it out with my main camera and spent a happy couple of hours exploring the pool that's fed by Woodwell, a stream that tumbles out of a limestone rockface on the outskirts of Silverdale.

I've visited many times and am always taken by the crystal clear clarity of the waters here. The water issuing from the rock is the smoothest, silkiest, sweetest water I've ever tasted.

The pool in which the waters eventually gather is bounded by stone walls and is home to a luxurious gathering of flora. In summer dragonflies and damselflies flit over the surface. Today though it was the time for the deep shadowy greens to shine.

Below is a small gallery of my favourites from the shoot. More work is needed on the images, so see this as a preview!

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  • Beautiful colours and shapes, Jason. I wonder whether having some printed on silk scarves would be an idea for your shop. 🙂💚💫💙

  • Ancient wells, teeming with life for millions of years, ever since they were sea-creatures that built the limestone rocks, visited by our ancestors to worship the spirits and gather their sweet, lifegiving waters. Places of wonder and magic. Thanks for sharing. Andy.

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