A new focus for Earthlight

Jason // November 4 // 8 Comments

At last the time has come to give some much needed attention to my Earthlight passion project. In this short video I hint a little at what's to come.

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    • Thank you Catherine, ah yes the shafts of light were over in a minute or two and the constant rain ruined most of the images I took as it was falling onto the front of my lens. All will become clear of my passion project here very soon. 🙂

  • Hi Jason, Lovely film. That is the place that I fell in love with the mountains on an o level geography field trip in 1985! I grew up in flat Nottinghamshire so it was a complete revelation for me. Really like the sound of your passion project. I was at the book launch but didn’t get chance to speak to you. Best wishes Phil

    • Hi Phil, yes I imagine it was quite a shock after Nottinghamshire. It took my breath away the first time I visited, still does to be honest. Next time please come over and say hi. Best wishes, Jason

  • Beatiful imagery as always Jason. Glad you are bursting with enthusiasm and vigour for a new project and I am very excited to hear more about that and particular a book idea….long time coming but so needed. Your amazing images and words need to be out in the world. It is your gift. Happy Birthday for tomorrow X

    • Thank you Anne, yes I’m finally finding the enthusiasm to step back into my creativity, albeit haltingly sometimes. Cwm Idwal really helped, I’ll be revisiting soon. Thank you for the birthday wishes too. x

  • Hi Jason
    Glad your knees made it up to the proximity of Devils kitchen; admire your prudence in calling a halt; lovely to share your enthusiasm and hope your descent wasn’t too taxing.

    So wonderful, as always, to read your wilderness stories and be transported watching your heart dancing films.

    Looking forward to the evolution of Earthlight…

    • Hi Sue, thank you for your message here. Yes, I’m always careful and despite wandering into some quite treacherous places to catch my images and films I do the research and take great care. I’ve never had to call on Mountain Rescue! I’m glad you’re along for the Earthlight adventures.

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