For the love of the land

If you want a reminder of the heady days of summer head over to my Coast film which remains my enduring favourite.

I spent days on the clifftops building relationships with the local inhabitants - Gannet, Guillemot, Puffin, Kittiwake and more.

This film is a reminder of brighter times and longer days ahead.

Why Earthlight

For virtually all of my working life I've been an editorial photographer and writing, creating imagery and articles for books and magazines on nature and creativity.

The time came for me to step away from that world and take personal control of my creativity. Hence Earthlight.

This is the place where I share the stories I gather from the land, be they longer essays, short from writings, image galleries or short films.

Soon, after many requests, I'll be adding a shop to the site which will offer prints, books and more, bringing my stories and experiences of nature into your home.

Read more about the reasons for Earthlight here.

This website is about the small things. The microcosm of our Earth. Nature at her most local. My place. Your place.

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