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​for the love of the land
stories from the camera and pen of Jason Smalley

for the love of the land
stories from the camera and pen of Jason Smalley

Welcome to Earthlight

In a way this is my personal nature journal where I share my photographs, videos and words gathered from my wanderings and wonderings on the land. I'm a nature photographer and writer by vocation who needed to find a new way to tell these stories.

In this troubled times it's all to easy to lose sight of the beauty of the small things that live alongside us and if Earthlight inspires you to connect more, to journey outdoors into wildness often and to dream of nature's tales, then I've achieved my objectives.

I've served my time with magazine and book publishers and hope Earthlight will become the journal, gallery and resource that I've always looked for. You can find out more about the mission of the site on this page, other than that just dive in!

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Recent Stories

Hurry on Sundown Harsh late-day light lit the landscape, deepening the shadows and burning the sands. Creeping ever west the fiery sun[...]
Meadow Fox Magic
She sits under the apple tree, enjoying a sweet dessert The falling light washed the ripening apples even redder as[...]
A Foxglove Spell
Filigreed by fern, boundaried by birch and wondered upon by willow, your gloves reach out ready to be filled by[...]
Lough Arrow
Seen from the old graves of the Priory, a curtain of Irish mists thickened and waned over Lough Arrow, parried[...]
Ablaze with cotton grass
Casting my gaze over the distant desolate moors of Noon Hill and Winter Hill, some 3 miles away to the[...]
Rivington Roe – the story begins
I’m looking right into his eyes as he tastes the fresh new blackberry leaf buds feathering from the thorn ridden[...]
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